Senior Web Developer specializing in both front end and back end
development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle
for dynamic web projects. Up to date with technologies such as MEAN
stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js), and including
others such as React (as well as React Native), Vue, Python,
PostgreSQL and Redis. Well versed in DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes,
Jenkins and Ansible). Strong background in microcontrollers, system
on a chip and IoT devices. Currently learning about financial markets
and the inner workings of the banking systems. Acquainted with
networking technologies and devices (CCNA certification).
Internship 06/2016 to 06/2017
Wyliodrin, Bucharest
Collaborating on open source projects for IoT devices.
Software Developer 06/2017 to 04/2019
Wyliodrin, Bucharest
Collaborating with an Indian and American team on a fully-
fledged solution for water dispensers.
Planning and building a cloud deployment and management
platform for IoT devices (low resource and user-friendly
Helping build an educational IoT board that teaches students
electronic components’ principles and basic programming.
Teaching Assistant 09/2016 to Now
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Teaching laboratories of Operating System Utilization.
Building a complete homework checker and grader for
multiple Operating System courses.
Coordinating and leading the TAs in charge with the
homework components of the forenamed courses.
Volunteer / Organizer 06/2016 to 08/2019
IP Workshop organization, Târgu Mureș
Organizing and planning a two-weeks IT & entrepreneurship
summer school each year where professors from Europe and
US teach IT and business concepts guiding students through
the process of prototyping a product.
Independent contractor 02/2019 to Now
Adding value to clients’ business through usage of web and
mobile technologies along with DevOps best practices
regarding deployment and automation while at the same time
keeping a level-headed but formal communication channel
with the aforementioned clients.
Răzvan Șerban
+40 724 422 046
Bucharest, Romania
Romanian C2
English C2
French B1
University POLITEHNICA of
Bucharest Faculty of
Automatic Control and
Computer Science:
Bachelor’s Degree:
Computer Science
2015 2019
Master’s Degree (in progress):
Financial Computing
2019 2021